Our history

Fred Warmuth was a young sports teacher with a degree in swimming, tennis and skiing. He knew very well that the children should be able to swim with the swimming aid, but none of the swimming wings or rings available at that time convinced him. One day he got it into his head to develop THE optimal swimming aid himself.

THE perfect swimming aid should also take away the shyness of fearful children through the best possible safety and at the same time offer the children enough arm room to learn to swim technically correctly from the beginning. After years of tinkering, the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” was created.

By inventing the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” in three different sizes – depending on the age and learning progress of the child – sports teacher Fred achieved his goal, and his mission “Have fun safely” was fulfilled.

The patented SWIMTRAINER “Classic” offers babies and children:
  • the optimal swimming position and support in the water
  • targeted early development of the natural swimming reflexes in babies
  • independent movement in the water
  • generous freedom of movement for the arms
  • learning the correct swimming style through the 3-stage learn-to-swim system
  • quick and safe putting on of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”
  • a TÜV & GS tested and phthalate-free swim aid

As you can see on my childhood photos, I, his daughter Michaela, had learned to swim with water wings and swim rings. The swimming lessons were very laborious and tedious, because my arm freedom was limited by the water wings and the swimming ring did not provide an optimal swimming position or stability.

Today, as the owner of FREDS SWIM ACADEMY GmbH, I am very happy and proud to be able to run this family business with a dynamic team of swimming instructors, trainers and importers from all over the world. It is very nice to see that Fred’s invention has spread all over the world and helps countless children every day to have fun in the water safely – according to our motto: Have fun safely!
We wish all children and parents a lot of fun with our high-quality and lovingly designed products from “FREDS”.


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