The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” gives children the necessary sense of achievement, lots of swimming fun and a good feeling of safety in the water at every stage of their development. In this way, the foundation for learning to swim successfully is laid at an early age and a lifelong, positive relationship with the element of water is created.

The specially designed SWIMTRAINER “Classic” swimming aids are used according to the age and learning progress of the child (red, orange and yellow). The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” enables targeted early training already at baby age. The technique training that builds on this eventually leads to the perfect swimming style. Our SWIMTRAINER “Classic” offers children:

  • an ideal swimming position in the water

  • no slipping through due to inflatable pads

  • no tipping forward due to the infinitely adjustable safety belt

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” at a glance

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” red

3 months – 4 years

  • ideal for getting used to the water

  • Learning the correct leg movement (frog movement)

  • designed for babies and toddlers weighing from approx. 6 kg to approx. 18 kg

  • for beginners

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” orange

2 years- 6 years

  • Learning the perfect coordination of arm and leg movement

  • designed for young children weighing from approx. 15 kg to approx. 30 kg

  • for beginners and advanced

  • Swimming fun with a good feeling of security in the water

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” yellow

4 years – 8 years

  • suitable for the methodical transition to free swimming

  • designed for children weighing between approx. 20 kg and approx. 36 kg

  • for advanced learners

  • Swimming fun with a good feeling of security in the water

Certificates & Awards

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” are TÜV & GS tested and therefore offer a safe and certified swimming aid.

The technology of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is patented. The SWIMTRAINER are also free of phthalates.

Our SWIMTRAINER “Classic” has been awarded the Bizziebaby Award and the Family Review Center Gold Award.


Hello, my name is Leonie Beck and I learned to swim as a 4-year-old child in Augsburg at the swimming school FREDS SWIM ACADEMY with Verena Lacher with the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”. The SWIMTRAINER are great because the children are in the right swimming position, which makes learning to swim easier.

In the meantime I have become a successful swimmer and participated in several international championships such as the Summer Olympics and World Championships.

I can highly recommend the FREDS SWIM ACADEMY and the system with the SWIMTRAINER and wish all children success and fun in learning to swim.