My kid already started a swim class last summer with a completely different system. Is it still worth buying and taking the online course?2021-06-17T12:31:47-07:00

Yes. Each course and buoyancy aid follows a specific goal and has a specific focus. Our online course teaches long-term, coordinated breaststroke with the help of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”. To learn how to swim for good this time, it makes sense to buy the online course and start from the beginning. Your child may already have a movement or two to fall back on – which will motivate them! With safety and fun your child will quickly learn to swim!

How long is the code valid for the purchase of the swimming course?2021-06-17T12:32:55-07:00

A lifetime. You buy the code and get access to the course forever.

Due to illness we had to take a long break in the online swimming course, do we have to start all over again? Will what has been learnt so far be completely forgotten?2021-06-17T12:33:29-07:00

In short, in our experience, children do not “unlearn” what they have learnt, usually just a little practice is missing. The muscles’ memory of movements is not forgotten – it is necessary to recall and practice what has been learnt before. That’s why it makes sense to start over. This way your child can regain confidence in what he/she has learnt, gets confidence and new motivation and so the course units will certainly be completed more quickly than the first time around.

We are going on vacation now and will have a big pool. Is it possible to complete the course within a week by working through several units a day?2021-06-17T12:34:03-07:00

The concentration and performance of each child is very individual and dependent on their age. Depending on your assessment, of course you can complete several sessions a day. However, we advise to practice the content of each online lesson until the respective movement sequence is learned, perfected and stabilized in order to achieve good long-term results. Don’t let fun turn into frustration! Learning should also happen in a quiet atmosphere without too many “spectators”.

My child can already do the arm movement quite well – where should I start the course?2021-06-17T12:34:29-07:00

The systematics of our online lessons follows our 3-step swim-learn-principle, which is supported by our SWIMTRAINERS “Classic”. Accordingly, it is necessary to begin with the movement of the legs. Even if your child performs the arm movement well, it is advisable to start the course from the beginning, because the arm movement rhythmically follows the leg movement.

My child is used to swimming with flippers and wants to continue to wear them. Can the course also be done with flippers?2021-06-17T12:36:02-07:00

Fundamental to learning the breaststroke is the correctly executed leg movement, which requires a rotation of the feet that cannot be done correctly with flippers.

My child won’t take off the airless yellow SWT – now what?2021-06-17T12:36:47-07:00

Congratulations – you have successfully taught your child to swim. Now it is time to part with the buoyancy aid. What a move! Be patient. Do not see it as a disadvantage if your child swims a few hours longer with the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” – they will continue to automate and stabilise their swimming movement. The child should make a conscious decision to remove the ring, as they need the security and confidence to swim unassisted. Every child has taken off his or her ring sooner or later and usually all by themselves.

My child does not want to put on the SWT – what now?2021-06-17T12:37:18-07:00

Talk to your child. What’s the reason behind it? Was any other buoyancy aid used before that is now missing? Perhaps this can be playfully incorporated into the swimming lessons. The advantages of the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” can also be demonstrated in a playful way – do you have a doll or a cuddly toy that can show how nice, safe and comfortable it is to lie on the water in the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” and also to swim?

Can I teach a child to swim even in salt water? Can the swimming aid withstand salt water?2021-06-17T12:38:02-07:00

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is also designed for water with a high salt content. Of course, you can also learn to swim in salt water, simply because of the higher buoyancy, swimming is easier here. Please do not forget, however, that in order to achieve success in swimming, fun and enjoyment should come first. The swimming experience may be less fun due to laborious progress in slight waves or even salt water in the eyes.

I have twins and I’m alone. Can I manage the course with two children?2021-06-17T12:38:45-07:00

Due to the safety and stability that the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” provides children in the water, you will find that it is no problem at all to complete the course even with two children. Each video shows step-by-step what to do to overcome potential hurdles. While you first practice with one child, the other one deepens what he/she has learned by swimming next to you.

My child is afraid of the water and swimming. Does it make sense to start with water familiarization before the course?2021-06-17T12:39:05-07:00

“Fear of water” is widespread in many different expressions. We think it is important to distinguish between whether your child really has aquaphobia or merely has had little experience with the element. Basically, it is important to take action in time if your child shies away from the water. Of course, in this case water familiarization can be purposeful – with a lot of patience, fun and a sense of achievement at the end of each time in the water.

I got a SWT from my friend. It’s an older model, the clasp looks quite different. Can I use this one? How does it work?2021-06-17T12:39:44-07:00

In fact, our SWIMTRAINER “Classic” has been around for quite some time! It has been steadily developed further. Of course you can also use an older model, the functionality is always the same.

Can an older child or adult also learn to swim with the course? What if the SWT is too small?2021-06-17T12:40:06-07:00

The learning of breaststroke is always done in the same order for young and old – the age is not decisive and therefore our online course is the best way to learn how to swim! If the SWIMTRAINER does not fit properly, please contact support.

My child can swim perfectly under water – is the course still recommended?2021-06-17T12:40:26-07:00

A child’s head is still very large and heavy in relation to their body. Therefore, the permanent lifting in the water is very strenuous. In our course the child gets the time, the exercises and the help, supported by the SWIMTRAINER “Classic”, to get used to the buoyancy, to train their physical condition and to learn the breaststroke movement with the head above water.

My child already knows how to swim a little, do I need to buy the whole online course? In which sequence do I start then?2021-06-17T12:40:45-07:00

Training the correct, coordinated sequence of movements in a sensible order forms the basis for learning breaststroke. This sequence is also found in our online course. That’s why we advise you to start from the beginning, even with a trained child, and simply complete the units more quickly, the contents of which he or she has already internalized.

Is the course also suitable for children with a physical impairment?2021-06-17T12:41:14-07:00

The design of the SWIMTRAINER Classic provides optimum buoyancy to give each child exactly the time they need to find their balance and confidence in the water and learn to swim. The course structure and the learning steps do not change in this case. Our support team will be happy to assist you with any queries.

From when can a child learn to swim? At what point does it make sense to buy/start the course?2021-06-17T12:41:34-07:00

The developmental stages of children are different. As a rule, children can learn to swim from the age of about 4 years. If the physical coordination ability and concentration is present earlier, then it can be started earlier.

Is my child a safe swimmer with the FREDDY badge?2021-06-17T12:42:51-07:00

We award the FREDDY badge as motivation to children who can swim 10 metres freely. As proof, our support only needs a video of the child swimming freely. The FREDDY badge is not the same as a seahorse (early swimmer) or higher-ranking swimming badges of the DLRG, but serves exclusively to motivate the children. In order to increase safety in the water, we therefore recommend that you continue to train your child’s swimming endurance by swimming regularly even after having received your FREDDY badge. As a good basis for staying in swimming pools and open-air swimming pools we recommend completing the Seepferdchen badge. The requirements for the Seepferdchen can be completed by further training of the learning contents.

How many hours do I need to practice swimming with my child before they can safely swim freely?2021-06-17T12:43:17-07:00

It is not possible to make a general statement here. How long it takes with a child to be able to swim safely on their own depends on several factors: The regularity, duration and quality of the swimming sessions together, the basic motor requirements and the child’s motivation. For an effective learning progress we therefore recommend 2 to 3 swimming units per week of 45 to 60 minutes each.


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